Elasticsearch snapshots at S3

Automate Storing Elasticsearch snapshot data in Amazon s3

Krishanu Konar

4 minute read

We use elasticsearch for a lot of purposes within our organisation, and thanks to kibana, we sometimes also use elasticsearch to store some data that isn’t necessarily timeseries data, but just nosql data that we want to visualize. We had a business requirement of having multiple backups for one of these types of data. So, we decided to have a dump of these indices once everyday and store it in an Amazon S3 bucket, in case the worst should happen.

All about DHCP Servers

Understanding DHCP and setting up your own DHCP server

Krishanu Konar

6 minute read

On a network with a large number of clients, DHCP is a must for dynamically assigning IP addresses to all the connected clients in order to avoid address conflicts and automating other required configurations like subnet mask, default gateway, DNS servers etc. Nowadays, almost all of the routers, even the smaller home routers already have an inbuilt DHCP server within the router that assigns IP addresses to connected clients. Still, why not learn how to set up one for yourself?

Self Hosting my blog - Part 1

Moving my blog from Google blogger to Hugo on AWS

Krishanu Konar

5 minute read

So, after a long time and a very little deliberation, I finally decided to stop using Google Blogger and move to a “self-hosted” soultion. The idea was to setup most of the things from scratch and have much more control over my own blog. So, I decided to give “static site generators” a try. I looked at a few different static site generators and in the end decided to go with Hugo, because it was version controlled, fast, secure, easy to understand and had good flexibilty…