Hi, my name is Krishanu Konar and I am a 26 year old Senior Site Reliability Engineer working at Media.net. Welcome to my blog!

This blog is about my day to day experiences about all the tools, technologies and learning that I’ve done over the course of my professional career, like DIYs for setting up some tools, some short “quick refresher” posts, along with a few non-tech related posts.

A little info about me: I graduated and got my Bachelor’s degree from DAIICT, Gandhinagar. My areas of interest include Systems design, microservices, automation and scripting, semantic web and linked data technologies. I was also a student contributor to Open Source development @ DBpedia in 2017, following which I mentored for some of the projects with DBpedia for subsequent years. My hobbies include watching football (Go Gunners!), playing guitar (at times) and gaming.

Got any Questions? Queries? Feedback? Or just want to hangout and chat? Feel free to hit me up on twitter!